Podcast Consulting

Whether you're just starting to entertain the idea of launching a podcast or you're improving the show you already have, we can help you get there.

Be a smarter, more efficient podcaster in every part of your journey.

Foundations of a successful podcast

30-minute consult with Callie

Every successful podcast on our network starts with a 5-step development exercise. You may be thinking "I just want to turn on the mic and riff"...

...trust us, no you don't. In this 30-minute session with Callie, she'll walk you through the 5-steps you need to create a solid foundation for your show.

Plus, you'll get a PDF workbook after the session to help you work through the exercises for your own show.


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Creative brainstorming: taking concepts from good to fantastic

45-minute consult with Jeff

Have a nugget of an idea but need help flushing it out? Enter Jeff Dauler's brain. In this 45-minute creative session with Jeff, he'll help you turn a good idea into an outstanding idea that will help you stand out in a sea of podcasts.


Program like a professional

30-minute consult with Jeff

The easier a show is to listen to, the more programming has probably gone into it behind the scenes. Jeff was an executive producer in radio for 25 years and is a content programming expert.

In this 30-minute call, he'll help you set up a structure for your show that creates an optimal listening experience for your listener.

A great podcast idea with no structure behind it can cause listeners to leave your show in the first 5 minutes.

Engage your audience and keep them wanting more with straightforward and organized programming.


Podcasting from concept to launch: how to be a top 1% podcaster

Full and half-day consults available

We'll teach you how to create and launch your show and send you into the world with the knowledge of a top 1% podcaster.

A half-day session with Callie and Jeff includes:

  • A 4-hour brainstorming session where he'll take your preliminary idea and craft it into a work of programming art.
  • A list of equipment and hosting recommendations you'll need to start your podcast

A full-day session with Callie and Jeff includes:

  • Signing up for all of the accounts you need to start and maintain your podcast and teaching you how to use them
  • Creative programming brainstorm and design (we'll flush out your idea until it's brilliant)
  • 30-day email and text support from Jeff after our session
  • Lunch (because being creative makes us hungry)

Please email callie@tentwentytwo.com for rates and availability