Our state-of-the-art studio and offers a beautiful space for recording podcasts, filming courses and live broadcasting.

Coming October 2023

1 Concourse Parkway, Suite 800, Atlanta, GA 30328

tentwentytwo studios at Industrious

We're a podcast production company who built a podcast studio at Industrious' Concourse location as an amenity for members. The studio will also be available to the public at starting October 2023. All bookings will be through Industrious and if you're reading this wondering how to book, the booking link is coming soon and we'll post it here as soon as it's up and running.

Know what you're doing and just need a space? Great.

Need some guidance/help along the way? We're here for you. We'll help you get set up with a configuration that works best for your session, show you how to operate the equipment and send you your audio. Want even more? Perfection. Keep scrolling to find out what else we offer.

To be the first to know when the studio opens, drop your email below.

Where we thrive

Can you start and launch your podcast this week with little or no help? Absolutely. Should you? We don't recommend it. It's kind of like asking your neighbor the accountant to take your wedding photos. Can you do it? Sure! Are you going to? Probably not. You're hiring someone with an extensive resume in their field and that's what we offer in the podcast space. Our founder has produced over 40,000 hours of audio content and our team has worked with some of the top broadcasting talent in the industry including Ryan Seacrest, Howard Stern, The Bert Show, Mojo in the Morning and countless other shows. In the past year alone, our podcasts have been downloaded over 10,000,000 times and we're really proud of that.

Podcasts for Content Creators

We're a company built by talent, for talent. We believe that creators should have control of their content and retain ownership of what they create. We also believe that creators should take home more of their advertising money than the podcast companies selling their shows and be fairly compensated for what they create, regardless of industry standard. We don't offer big advances or the promises of Times Square Billboards but we also don't put pressure on you to deliver for us. Our team works for you and we go 110%.

If you're reading this it's important to you that every addition to your brand exceeds the expectations of your audience. We know, we know, you just want to riff to your audience. Trust us, no you don't. The easier the podcast is to listen to, the more programming has gone into it and that's what we'll help you deliver. As a talent-centric company we know how busy you are. We'll develop your show and coach you through hosting and all you'll be responsible for is delivering audio. Our team will handle the rest. Consider us your podcast concierge service.

For creators with a social media following of 100,000 or more, we also have an experienced sales team that can monetize your show.

Podcasts for Businesses

Every company has a compelling story and expertise that goes well beyond what a :60 commercial can tell, which is why companies are launching podcasts as an extension of their brand.

We'll help you construct the story you're trying to tell and get it out into the world. We have unparalleled programming experience in the podcast industry that is a key and often missed part of storytelling. We started this company with more than 30-years of audio programming experience and can tell you with confidence that programming matters. Beyond development, we'll manage editing, and everything that goes on behind the scenes including hosting, licensing and securing your RSS feed.

A la carte services

Post-production services: start at $85/hour

Podcast consulting: Options available here

A few of the shows we've helped to develop

A daily breakdown of the biggest news headlines from around the world, from the essential to the entertaining, with reliable analysis you can trust. Episodes feature Mosheh Oinounou, former Executive Producer of CBS Evening News, and Emmy-award winning journalist Jill Wagner.


The Carpool with Kelly and Lizz

Kelly and Lizz are third generation auto-industry experts best known for reviewing cars from the millennial mom point of view on Instagram and YouTube. Join Kelly and Lizz for a lighthearted conversation, games, and auto industry news while they navigate life as business partners, best friends and sisters

How does sport help us change the world for the better? In We Have A Goal, a four-episode podcast series supported by Worldwide Olympic Partner Panasonic, Paralympian and motivational speaker Amy Purdy talks to IOC Young Leaders about their own journeys and how they're driving change in the areas of gender equality, inclusion, sustainability and peacebuilding.


Be Kind to Everyone

At age two, Jordyn Moore was diagnosed with autism. Two decades later, the Moore family went viral on TikTok and Instagram after posting the ins and outs of the business they started to teach Jordyn job skills after she aged out of the public school system and have established a thriving business that employs adults with disabilities and teaches others how to do the same.

Whether you are new to a diagnosis, been on the journey for years or simply want to make the world a more inclusive and kinder place for individuals with disabilities, this podcast is for you.


In Between with Revelle

Amy Meehan and Kelley Warner are moms and physical therapists revolutionizing pregnancy and postpartum care. They are highly trained experts who work with women to prevent and heal super common issues like incontinence, painful sex, lower back pain and everything in between.

Dawn Smith and Kristen Files are family law attorneys with 45-years of experience. When you first consider changing your family configuration, your brain fills with an extraordinary amount of questions and their podcast answers the most popular divorce and custody questions.

Here's the twist: you might not want people to see you listening to a podcast called "Untying the Knots" so we created the same podcast under the title "The Knot Family Mystery". We labeled it as a true crime podcast and the first 30 seconds of each episode is a true crime introduction, followed by a regular episode of "Untying the Knots"

The Knot Family Mystery is creative spin on a podcast tailored specifically to the needs of all listeners.